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Luxury Smoking Shelter

Since the smoking ban was introduced smokers have been forced into all sorts of makeshift DIY shelters, from polythene sheets to garden sheds! SmokaKota is a delightful and practical alternative.
Recent resarch shows that since the ban customers actively seek out licenced premises with comfortable smoking shelters.The Timber SmokaKota offers unparalleled levels of enclosure and comfort all year round whilst still complying with smoking shelter regulations (see note at foot).

Smoking Shelter with Barbeque

A smoking shelter with the BBQ fitted!

Smoking Shelter Interior

The Smoka Kota creates a luxurious and surprisingly cosy smoking shelter. The open area exceeds 50% of the wall area, thus fulfilling the requirements of smoking shelter legislation. However due to the unusual shape of the building you are surrounded on three sides and the roof comes down below shoulder height making the smoking shelter feel snug and enclosed!

"A unique product, full of character. I'm delighted with it and so are my customers!" Paul Kemp, Director - The Sandrock - Croyden

Many smoking shelters do not meet the criteria for a smoking shelter under government legislation and the penalty for smoking in a non-conforming shelter is the same as if you were smoking in the bar!

Smoking Shelter and Ducks!

The building has a built-in chimney stack and can be fitted with a log burning stove keeping your customers cosy, and sidestepping the upcoming patio heater ban!

The SmokaKota timber smoking shelter is ideal for pubs, hotels and restaurants, far better than tents and awnings. The shape of the roof is ideal for halogen heaters to keep your customers toasty warm. The high pitched roof helps in retaining heat.

A vent may be fitted in the chimney stack of the shelter to ensure throughput of fresh air.

It can also be fitted with the BBQ grill from Grillikota, which can be used purely for heat or for cooking!

Fixed benches are fitted to the 3 walls to provide seating for 9-10 customers! Further free-standing seating may be added in the spaces to the sides.

Keep your customers longer with a luxury smoking shelter from Grillikota!

Hexagonal 3.9 m across points (Walls)
Max width between roof points 4.4m
Distance between 2 roof flats 3.8m
Height 3.00 m
Wall thickness 40 mm
Ceiling panels wide T&G 19mm

Flpoor Plans and Drawings of  SmokaKota Smoking Shelter

PRICE £3250 + VAT
Delivery; most of England £150+VAT
Wales & Scotland exc highlands approx £180+VAT
(outside these areas please call for quote)
Erection £750 inc VAT on your level base (+ plus travel time, call for quote)Note: Price does not include BBQ and chimney set (extra £625 plus VAT)

Note: Compliance with local government authorities; The smoking shelter legislation is a national ruling, there are no local variations applied. However, planning permission (if required) and compliance with the smoking legislation in each regional council district is ultimately the responsibility of the owner. If in any doubt please call for advice.
See also Smoking Shelter legislation

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