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Grillikota! - Finnish BBQ Huts
Hot Tub Huts

The delightful Kota, perfect for a hot tub house!

Almost all of the Grillikota range can be used for hot-tub or Jacussi applications but the delightful Grillikota building above adds a bit more magic!
The 3m x 3m Log cabin is also ideal in size. If you have your own hot-tub, just study the specifications of each building to decide which size suits your needs. We also have a range of Hot-tubs, all of which are transportable. This means you can dismantle them in minutes and use the building for another purpose at any time!

Grillikota building (no grill); £3250 DIY!
Hot-Tubs from £1195

Hot Tub, Jacuzzi
Spa in a box for 4-6 persons, just £1195!

Log Cabin as Jacuzzi hot tub house

Flooe Plan of log cabin

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